Elaine & Diego Nita Lake Lodge Wedding

After shooting Elaine & Diego's wedding, my heart was filled with joy. Working with them was such a pleasure. I enjoy working with different couple for different reasons. These two? Because they're so SWEET..possibly the nicest couple in the world? They're very easy going and opted for a smaller wedding of 30 guests that was held at the Nita Lake Lodge in Whistler. This venue was gorgeous..even with all the smoke haze that rolled in from forest fires in BC. They were such great sports and went in a rowing boat with their finest attire on so I could take some photos. It paid off though..because they looked pretty magical! 

When I woke up the next day, Diego had emailed me this very lovely review: 

"Elaine and I had a blast with her. Everything felt so natural and she connected with all the guests. You can tell she loves her job and I believe she had fun teasing guests like Eric. It was great having you Kat".

"On a professional side, she get things done (e.g. getting us a boat, chasing people away, etc) but she is also accommodating and adapts to external circumstances (non cooperating swimmer tsk tsk). Her photos look natural and I believe she captured really candid moments".

"We wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to friends!"

Also..just a little shout out to my guy, Ryan, not only was he my personal chauffeur for the day, but he took some of the venue/detail shots!  



Venue- Nita Lake lodge Whister

Officiant- Sandy Pyatt (BC Marriage Commissioner)

Wedding planner- Sea to Sky Celebrations (http://seatoskycelebrations.com/

Hair & makeup- Natacha Trottier (http://www.natachatrottier.com/)

Floral Design- Billies (http://www.billiesflowerhouse.com/)

Ceremony Music- (www.violinandguitar.ca)

Evening Music- Rachel Thom (www.blametheweekend.com)