Images by Michele Mateus photography

Images by Michele Mateus photography


I'm Kat Timmins 

I'm a photographer currently based in Vancouver, BC.

I'm originally from the UK but moved to Vancouver in 2013. My home is now in Mount Pleasant with my husband!

I love dogs and lust for one of my own someday! 

I drink lots of tea (it's mandatory for us Brits).

Floral prints are my jam.

I'm Gilmore Girl obsessed.

I love those cheap cupcakes from grocery stores..what can I say? I'm a cheap date.  

When I'm not working, you'll catch me biking around the city or dancing to soul music.

And of course, I love photography, it's my number one passion and has led me to some amazing opportunities. I adore documenting life, LOVE family, friends, food and all the details in between!! My passion is preserving memories, creating something people can treasure for decades to come and enjoy over and over again (it's a beautiful thing). Aside from my wedding, portrait and lifestyle photography, I also work as an in-house photographer for a clothing company, you can see this work in my commercial gallery.